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Music / Speaker event taking shape

Posted on November 9, 2015 at 4:00 PM



Music And Speaker Event To Start Off Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week


Milford, PA – November 2, 2015 – Calling All Angels Mission to hold a music and speaker event to start off Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.


Calling All Angels Mission, who operates the Calling All Angels Shoppe in Milford, PA, will be hosting a music concert and speaker event on November 14, 2015 at the Jen Murphy Fitness Studio (113 W. Harford Street) in Milford. Doors open at 6:30 and the event goes from 7pm to 10pm. (There is a suggested donation of $10 for admission – but it is not mandatory.)


The event – which is being held in conjunction with efforts by The Ecumenical Food Pantry of Pike County and Pike County Hands of Hope – will feature a wide variety of musical acts and a wide range of stories about hunger and hoemlessness.


National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is from November 14 through November 22. This year's coalition theme is “These Storied Streets”.


“The faces of hunger and homelessness in our nation and in Pike County are changing,” says thrift store manager and board member Charles Reynolds. “We want . . . no, we need, people to understand the changes. We need people to see that the stories by those affected in this country, and more specifically here in Pike County, are not some distant, this-is-only-happening-to-someoone else kind of stories. These are stories that could happen to them … to anyone.”


With the PA Homelessness rate among families and veterans, two of the most at risk groups in the nation, rose by 10.6% between 2012 and 2013. And the hunger insecurity rate – a new statistic being tracked within the last ten years which covers a “lack of access to adequate, nutritious food” on a week by week basis – in 2013 was 14.2% for the general population and 20.4% for the state's child population.


“Here in Pike County,” Reynolds says. “The food insecurity rate for children is 19.8%, which shows a slight increase from the year before. And in Wayne County, that rate was 21.6%.” The Mission board member explained that in “real numbers” this meant that in Pike County 2500 children went without adequate or nutritious food each week. And in Wayne County, that number was 2100.


The event is not simply a way to raise funds for the local charities dealing with these issues, but more importantly to raise awareness.


“I want as many people in our county to come to this event,” said Reynolds, explaining the different musical styles being offered. “So that they can be personally affected. I want all the local political leaders – commissioners, supervisors, borough council members, all of them – to come and be personally affected by these stories by their neighbors. So that then these issues can be given the proper attention in our communities, our county, our state and our country that they deserve. No one should be hungry. No one should be homeless. And the more people are taking these issues to heart, the higher the likelihood something will get done to make positive changes.”


Although the event is more about raising awareness, anyone unable to attend can also make a donation to help tackle hunger and homelessness in Pike County by making an online donation via GoFundMe at Or they can stop in the Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe and drop off a donation of cash or food or clothing.


About Calling All Angels Mission

Calling All Angels Mission is a non-profit corporation and shall be operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code.


Calling All Angels Mission’s purpose is to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and relief to eradicate hunger and assist individuals / families in need on a local and global level.


In order to address the aforementioned efforts, Calling All Angels Mission operates a thrift store, Calling All Angels Thrift Shoppe, in Milford, PA where all monies received, after overhead is satisfied:


a) buys food for the local food pantry (the Ecumenical Food Pantry of Pike County),

b) assistance is given to individuals / families, that are referred by our partners agencies/churches/organizations, in need of clothing twice a year (or in individually evaluated cases, more),

c) all usable items unused by shop are forward donated to other groups, agencies, charities,

d) education on health and water issues are provided by means of fliers, papers and short lectures,

e) and monies from specified sale items are donated to other designated charities / organizations


Ecumenical Food Pantry of Pike County

Originally founded in 1991, The Ecumenical Food Pantry, located in the basement of Good Shepherd Church, combines the volunteer labor from five local churches with donated and purchased food to serve local families and individuals in need. Located in the Milford, PA, we are open every Friday evening from 6:30-7:30pm, year-round.


The mission of this inter-denominational food pantry, which is entirely staffed by volunteers and operates with almost no overhead, is to serve needy families and individuals in the Pike County area of Northeastern Pennsylvania who are experiencing economic crisis with weekly distributions of nutritious groceries. We provide groceries to about 2000 people from more than 500 households in the tri-state area of PA, NY and NJ. Currently, we are serving about 60 families a week. In addition to regular weekly distributions, we offer enhanced food offerings at Thanksgiving and Christmas time that include many holiday meal staples such as turkeys and hams. We are also the local distribution site for a federally subsidized monthly food box program for senior citizens living in poverty.


The food distributed at The Ecumenical Food Pantry come from a variety of sources. We depend largely on monetary and food donations from individuals, businesses, civic organizations. We also receive funding from annual grants from Second Harvest, United Way, and local and state organizations.




Pike County Hands of Hope


Pike County Hands of Hope, a Christ Centered Organization, is dedicated to meeting the most basic and urgent needs (food, clothing and shelter) of the homeless and near homeless through compassion and hope, and raise awareness through advocacy. PCHOH relies on volunteers to man the HopeLine, the first point of contact for those in need, the Hands On Committee, a group of individuals dedicated to distributing items to meet basic needs plus a roster of volunteers dedicated to prayer, fundraising, community outreach, and public relations, focused on raising public awareness of homelessness in our community.




Contact Information:


Lauren Anderson / Charles Reynolds


Phone: 570-409-6055 / 570-228-0805




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Event Performers


Olivia Zinn ( Indie / 90's / Alternative / ​Classic Rock / The Hits

Matthew King ( SInger / Songwriter ( Just finished his first album

Moving Still ( Ballads, Folk, Folk/Rock, Originals. Some Blues and Bluegras

Joe CIrello - Acoustic performer - Dr Joe Cirello is a local doctor who practices family medicine in Milford, PA. He is a frequent performer at open mics and music events around the area.

Charlie Reynolds ( the event host is a singer / songwriter. Released his first album in July 2015.

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