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Board Meeting October 20, 2015

Posted on January 19, 2016 at 3:45 PM

A meeting of the Board of Directors for Calling All Angels Mission was held on January 19, 2016. The minutes of the October 2015 meeting were approved and are reported herein.


Calling All Angels Mission

Agenda - October 20, 2015


Call meeting to order. Lauren Anderson approves Charles Reynolds to run the meeting. Penny Werner present.


Minutes of previous meeting. Any additions, corrections or amendments. Motion to approve. No amendments, corrections or additions. Motion to accept by Charles, seconded by Penny. Approved unanimously.


Old Business


Expansion Project update given by Charles. - We have looked into several properties for the project. The original one on Rt3 6 & 209 in Milford Township appears to be under sale pending to Dollar General.


We have now had three ads in the Pike County Courier, with information about sales, a call for coats and an educational segment on hunger insecurity. We have had a moderate response to these ads, but it the visibility is increasing. And we ARE getting some educational information out there, in keeping with that part of our mission statement. The ads cost us $133.50 a month.



Treaurer's Report


The Mission has begun making bill payments for the thrift shop and donations to the food pantry on an ongoing basis. Our current operating account (as of 10/20/15) has $6,211.76.07. Our savings account has $2000.49. Our credit/debit account has $4628.47. We have outstanding payroll taxes to pay this month in the amount of $3647.26. All bills are paid as soon as they come in and we are up to date.


New Business


We received an estimate from Verizon for phone service. (addendum A). Even though it is a savings of about $20 a month, there are some charges on here that say zero but it is for a 60-day trial and does not list the recurring charges that might be incurred. As you can see (Addendum B), the Blue Ridge charges are only about $10. It is my recommendation we do not switch. But it has to come to the board for discussion. Motion made, seconded by Lauren. Passed unanimously.

We received our insurance policy renewal. There is no change in cost or coverage from our previous year's policy. I recommend we renew. Motion made, seconded by Penny. Passed unanimously.


Call for any other new business not on the agenda. None.


Motion to adjourn.

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