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Thinking About Eclipses

Posted on August 23, 2017 at 12:35 AM

Thinking about eclipses lately. Everyone kept going into stores – even stores that one wouldn't normally think would sell them – to ask about eclipse glasses.

So the Great North American Eclipse 2017 had everyone obsessed.

But other things have been taking up people's concentration these days.

Trump news. Racism news. Violence in the streets. Protesters. Counter protesters. Schools shaming students about their clothes, about their sexual orientation. Russia. North Korea.

These have been eclipses in a way, overshadowing important issues.

I can pretty much guarantee the children who don't have enough to eat this week were not worrying about where to get solar eclipse glasses.

I can also assure you the person who lost their job and subsequently their home, wasn't worrying about the best spot to watch the moon cover up the sun.

And its fairly safe to say that none of these people were worried about Russia or North Korea or what stupid thing the President was saying on Twitter today.

No, they were trying to go about their day and not think about how hungry they or their kids are.

There were, most assuredly, worrying about a roof over their heads, medicine for their sick family members, where the best place to get a job and how they can get there and live until thy can afford a place to live.

In Pike County PA, there are 5230 estimated food insecure individuals, most of them children. In Wayne County, there 5800. Monroe County has a resounding 18,200 people who will not have enough nutritious food to eat this week.

The numbers in our neighboring counties in NY and NJ are just as bad. With 9% ro 12% of the population food insecure – and the youth population suffering most from 16% to 25% - one can argue that all the things that make our national and local news are eclipsing these important issues right in our own backyard.

I guess its easier to focus on events like the Solar Eclipse, the Trump Twitter Wars and hacking probes into our elections because we can't do anything about them. Its something that can occupy our minds so we don't have to look on and try to do something about things like hunger and homelessness.

As our annual national event raising Hunger and Homelessness Awareness approaches, I want everyone to think about what others have to go through each day. Think about the fact that while we argue on whats the worst fast food place or the best diet, or he argue about who is right in whatever discourse du jour the media has us fixated on this week, try to think about how you personally can do something to help someone right here, right now.

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